In the last decade, exports in the creative industries sector have grown by 134%.
-Banco Mundial-.

Go as far as imagination allows.

The development and sale of video games, the boost to the industry of animated and interactive contents are transforming the channels and the objective of the commercialization strategies, they´re giving us the opportunity to integrate to this multimillionary industry.

Creative industries are those whose core of production of goods and services, uses creativity and intellectual capital as the main input.

Mexico ranks among the top 20 creative exporters worldwide, with an industry that has seven hubs in Jalisco, Mexico City and Nuevo Leon; Specializing in animation, special effects, video games and interactive stuff.

According to the International Consulting Firm PwC, in 2016 there was an 8.9% growth in the global creative industries sector; While in Latin America this industry represents an economic spill of two billion dollars annually.

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