The potential behind SMEs


“In Mexico, SMEs generate 72% of jobs; However 8 out of 10 disappear before age 2 because of their limited strategies and diversification”.
-Secretaría de Economía (SE)-

We are sure that Digital Transformation is a great opportunity for Mexican SMEs.

We hence our commitment to demystify that the new technologies are inaccessible, useless and incomprehensible for medium and small companies.

We want to demonstrate to Mexican SMEs that taking advantage of new technologies is an alternative that can detonate growth in sales, optimization of resources, better management of information and endless opportunities within any company.

Digital Transformaction:


The constant development in the technological industry has made it increasingly efficient and accessible. In addition, the products and services of the digital age offer great functional benefits whose return on investment, in most cases, is measurable. Youll know how the benefit is greater than the investment. FRIENDLY
Day by day, technology becomes more friendly for us. In addition, the number of specialized providers and young talent with knowledge to manipulate the new digital tools is increasing so quickly.Discover wonderful businesses in the Digital Transformation.

The digital transformation rather than repair, seeks to take advantage of the potential that companies already have, to bring them to new levels of sales, automation, optimization and much more.If your business already works, there is always a way to make it even better.

Digital transformation offers solutions applicable to any company. More and more SMEs are now into the digital world, because they find a high return on investment.Discover a whole new world of technological alternatives that will allow you to be different in the middle of an increasingly competitive market.


Reasons to participate 

  • You will find in one place an extensive catalog of products, services and suppliers specialized in Digital Transformation.
  • New business opportunities and tools such as  e-Commerce.
  • Learn about new tools to gather information from your market and take advantage of it to improve your business.
  • Approach technology in an accesible environment to any professional profile.
  • Find new ideas to grow your business at the highest level.
  • Discover how to be different.
  • Connect and learn with specialized exhibitors in Digital Transformation.
  • Be part of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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